Mon_Crab_1.png Crab

Yasuki Taki

A male courtier who is in charge of Crab goods traveling through Beiden pass. He facilitates any prearranged deals, as well as importing Crab goods into the area and trading them for goods the Crab require.

Kaiu Chisato

A female Kaiu craftsman. Little better than average for a Kaiu weaponsmith, her skills exceed those of any sword smiths in the area. She works for Yasuki Taki making custom ordered Kaiu weapons.

Mon_Crane_1.png Crane

Kakita Juzo

A male courtier who appears to be nothing more than a polite mouth-piece for the Crane whom no one has caught doing anything even slightly dishonourable. However since his appointment here 2 years ago, the total value of goods successfully brought through the mountains has dropped 20%.

Mon_Dragon_1.png Dragon

Togashi Akane

A female tattooed monk who runs a small temple in the northern city. She is very popular among the peasants as she frequently helps to resolve conflicts between the peasants (whom she treats as equals), and the samurai (who generally accept her as a strange samurai).

Mon_Lion_1.png Lion

Akodo Zeshin

He rules the lands that border Beiden pass to the north. He keeps a house in the northern city, and since the Emperor has decreed this area an imperial province, he’s moved his household into the city.

Like most high-ranking Akodo, he’s a skilled strategist, which makes it strange that he seems to have played no part in the Lion attack on Beiden pass.

Ikoma Ichi

She’s Akodo Zeshin’s diplomat. She speaks for her daimyo, and when meeting with Akodo ?, she will always be present and will usually literally speak for him.

Mon_Mantis_1.png Mantis

Yoritomo Fujiko

A brash out-spoken courtier/merchant for the Mantis clan. She is a vocal opponent to any trade that passes through Beiden pass, however she hasn’t had much success until the arrival of Kakita Juzo.

Mon_Phoenix_1.png Phoenix

Asako Shunso

He runs a temple in the southern city. Unlike Togashi ?’s his is a more traditional temple and he preaches about the Tao of Shinsei.

Mon_Scorpion_1.png Scorpion

Bayushi Sayuri

Newly appointed to Beiden pass, she appears to be in charge of the commercial interests of the Scorpion in the area. A well-spoken courtier, she seems to prefer dealing openly and honestly with those she trades with. The rumour is that she’s the black sheep of her family for her honesty. Of course there is also a rumour going around that the honesty rumour was spread by the Scorpion.

Bayushi Danjuro

A average samurai who lives in the south side, whose only unusual feature is that he doesn’t seem to have any superior.

Soshi Oki

A local magistrate for the south side.

Shosuro Heiji

A local magistrate for the north side.

Mon_Unicorn_1.png Unicorn

Ide Nobu

One of the longest residence samurai residents of Beiden pass, she over sees Unicorn commercial interest in the area.

Utaku Emiko

Most of the Unicorn horses that go south, do so by passing through Beiden pass. And most of those horses are brought over the pass under the care of Utaku ?. Since she took up this post, very few horses have encountered any problems crossing the pass.


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