All Weapons Duel - 100 Stances Dojo

The all weapons duel are similar to the Iaijutsu duel with the following changes:

The Iaijutsu skills could be substituted for any weapon skills. All bonuses that applies to Iaijutsu or the weapon skills applies to the rolls (ex.: techniques or skill rank abilities).

During the assessment phase, the duelist can also learn the opponent weapon skills and agility.

In the strike phase, you may either use Reflexes or Agility.

All duel in the 100 Stances Dojo are fought till a clear winner is establish and hence never to first blood but rarely to the death. After each strike, the player must make a straight Willpower TN 10 + Wound Penalty to remain stoic or otherwise the Seppun Shugenja overseeing the matches would declare you as the looser of the duel. One may always fail this roll on purpose.

The Sensei of the 100 Stances Dojo get a+5 to this roll as the Shugenja is more likely to support him.

All Weapons Duel - 100 Stances Dojo

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