Honourable Ronin Duelist



Insight Honour Glory Infamy Status XP Remaining
193 8.5 3.5 0 0.0 0 / 250

Rings (170 insight)

3 Earth 土 2 Water 水 4 Fire 火 4 Air 空 4 Void 心
3 Stamina 2 Strength 4 Agility 4 Reflexes
3 Willpower 2 Perception 4 Intelligence 4 Awareness

Skills (40 insight)

High Bugei Merchant Low
1空 Artisan: Poetry
1水 Calligraphy
1空 Courtier
2空 Etiquette
1水 Games: Go
4火 Lore: Bushido
1水 Lore: Heraldry
5心 Meditation
1空 Sincerity
1心 Tea Ceremony
1水 Athletics
1空 Defense
1水 Hunting
7火 Kenjutsu
1空 Kyujutsu
10火 Iaijutsu


0 15 Healthy (+0)
16 24 Nicked (+3)
25 33 Grazed (+5)
34 42 Hurt (+10)
43 51 Injured (+15)
52 60 Crippled (+20)
61 69 Down (+40)
70 78 Out
79 87 Dead


  • Light armour
  • Sturdy Clothing
  • Daisho
  • Han-kyu
  • Traveling pack
  • 1 koku

Advantages (15)

4 Blood of Osano-wo (no damage from natural weather).
5 Great Potential: Iai (raises limited by skill)
6 Luck: 2 (Up to twice per session may re-roll).

Disadvantages (-10)

-4 Gullible
-3 Social Disadvantage: Ronin
-3 True Love: Bayushi Katsumi

Disciples of Sun Tao

+1 Air/Reflexes
School skills: Athletics, Defence, Hunting, Iaijutsu, Kenjutsu, any 2

  1. The Gaze of Sun Tao (add Honour rank to Iai rolls).



  1. Drawing the Void (In centre stance, get +10 to armour TN).
  2. Kakita’s Strength (Iai assessment or focus, 9s and 10s explode).
  3. A Single Moment (If only one attack, hit opponents are Stunned until beginning of next turn).

Masaru was born a peasant, but always felt like he never quite belonged. The first time a ronin arrived in his village, a new world of possibility opened before him. He convinced both the ronin and his parents that this was the right thing for him and left an apprentice to the ronin.

Formerly known as Shiba Senzo, the ronin was studying dueling to avenge the death of his daimyo at the hands of Akodo Toki. To make a long story short, Senzo dies to Toki. Masaru joins the Kenshinzen (see next paragraph), and then kills Toki. Toki’s son Akodo Waotaka vows revenge.

After witnessing the death of his sensei, Masaru knew he needed more training, and according to his sensei the best duelists were the Kenshinzen. To join the Kenshinzen requires that you defeat one of their members so Masaru planned to challenge every Kenshinzen he met until he won or died trying.

The first Kenshinzen he met was Kakita Benkei, a formerly great duelist who’d lost his nerve and drank heavily to compensate. His raw ability was formidable enough to scare off most opponents, but Masaru was oblivious to this. He challenged Benkei and won when Benkei stumbled in the duel, no doubt from the copious amounts he’d drank previously.


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