Tag: Courtier


  • Yasuki Taki

    A male courtier who is in charge of Crab goods traveling through Beiden pass. He facilitates any prearranged deals, as well as importing Crab goods into the area and trading them for goods the Crab require.

  • Kakita Juzo

    A male courtier who appears to be nothing more than a polite mouth-piece for the Crane whom no one has caught doing anything even slightly dishonourable. However since his appointment here 2 years ago, the total value of goods successfully brought through …

  • Ikoma Ichi

    She’s [[:akodo-zeshin | Akodo Zeshin’s]] diplomat. She speaks for her daimyo, and when meeting with Akodo ?, she will always be present and will usually literally speak for him.

  • Yoritomo Fujiko

    A brash out-spoken courtier/merchant for the Mantis clan. She is a vocal opponent to any trade that passes through Beiden pass, however she hasn’t had much success until the arrival of Kakita Juzo.

  • Bayushi Sayuri

    Newly appointed to Beiden pass, she appears to be in charge of the commercial interests of the Scorpion in the area. A well-spoken courtier, she seems to prefer dealing openly and honestly with those she trades with. The rumour is that she’s the black …