Kasuga Utamara

Imperial Merchant of Beiden Pass


Honor 5.0
Glory 2.5

3 Earth 土
3 Stamina
3 Willpower
2 Water 水
2 Strength
3 Perception
5 Fire 火
5 Agility
5 Intelligence
3 Air 空
3 Reflexes
5 Awareness
3 Void 心

3 Acting – Awa
1 Calligraphy – Int
3 Courtier - Awa
3 Etiquette – Awa
1 Investigation(Notice) – Int
3 Lore (Underworld*) – Int
1 Lore(Anatomy*) – Int
3 Medicine (Antidote) – Int
5 Sincerity( Deceit*) – Awa

5 Defense – Ref
1 Kenjutsu – Agi
1 Ninjutsu* – Agi/Ref
1 Staves – Agi

5 Commerce – Int
1 Craft(Poison*) – Agi

1 Forgery – Agi
1 Intimidation – Awa
1 Sleight of Hand – Agi
3 Stealth – Agi
3 Temptation(Bribery) – Awa

Shadowed Hearth Any rolls made to discern my true intention or motivations, including Social Skill rolls or Spell Casting Roll, are at +5 TN


Sage If forced to make an unskilled roll when using lore skill, you instead consider a skill of 1.

Driven Bring my father’s assassin to justice.

Disbeliever Social Roll with Monk and Shugenja are at +5 TN, if known would be
unwelcomed into temple and monastic order.

Failure of Bushido – Honesty Cannot spend void point on sincerity honesty.

Kasuga Smuggler School

Rank 1: Way of the Tortoise
Learn one additional gaijin languages when the language advantges.
Do not lose honor for using low skills or glory for using commerce in public so long as you are doing so as part of your duty to your clan.
When dealing with heimin, hinin and eta (peasants, merchant and eta) you gain a +2k0 to all Social Skill rolls.

Rank 2: The Shell of the Tortoise
Any clan or imperial samurai who physically attack you or openly slanders you without provocation on your part immediately lose a number of points of honor equal to twice your School Rank (8).

Rank 3: The Eyes of the Emperor
When acting on behalf of your clan, you may roll additional unkept dice equal to your school rank (+4k0) on all Low Skills in which you have at lease one skill rank.

Rank 4: Hand in Hand
Once per session, if you have access to the local heimin or hinin, you can roll Lore: Underworld / Awareness vs TN 25 to learn one useful piece of information that cannot be learned any other way.


Kasuga Utamara

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