Hiruma Noriko

Hiruma berserker knife fighting scout, Emerald Magistrate


Honor 4
Glory 4.5

4 Earth 土
4 Stamina
4 Willpower
3 Water 水
3 Strength
5 Perception
2 Fire 火
5 Agility
2 Intelligence
3 Air 空
3 Reflexes
3 Awareness
4 Void 心

3 Etiquette (Bureaucracy) – Awa
5 Investigation(Notice) – Per
1 Lore (Shadowlands) – Int
1 Lore (Law) – Int
1 Sincerity – Awa

3 Athletics – Str
1 Battle – Per
5 Hunting – Per
1 Iaijutsu – Ref
1 Jiujutsu – Agi
1 Kenjutsu – Agi
5 Knives(Tanto) – Agi
1 Kyujutsu – Ref

1 Craft (Cooking) – Agi
1 Craft (Weaving) – Agi

1 Intimidation – Awa
3 Stealth(Sneaking) – Agi

Cursed by the Realm (Yume-Do)
Dependant (Small Child)

Strength of the Crab

Rank 1 – Hiruma Scout: Dance the Razor’s Edge

You may add your Stealth Skill rank to the total of your Iniative rolls (unless caught by surprise). Make all food, water and jade rations last twice as long as normal for a number of people equal to your hinting skill rank. While in the shadowland, gain +1k0 on stealth roll. In the shadowland, you always know the direction and distance to the empire.

Rank 2 – Crab Berserker: Berserker’s Rage

Once per skirmish, you may enter your rage during the reaction stage. Once begun, the rage lasts a number of combat round equal to double your earth ring (you may end it earlier by spending a void point in the reaction stage). While in your rage, your can only the attack or full attack stance and cannot use any non-bugei skills. While in a rage you ignore all wound ranks penalty. You gain +2k1 bonus to all attack and damage rolls. If you are killed you may continue raging and fight but can’t be healed. The rage ends if you sustain wounds equal to twice the amount that would normally kill you.

Rank 3 – Crab Knife Fighter: One Blade, Both Hands

When fighting with an open hand and a tanto, you add +3k1 to your damage with the tanto and may ignore all effects of your opponent’s armor. If your opponent is a creature with inherent reduction, you ignore 5 point of that reduction.

Rank 4 – Hiruma Scout: Harness the Wind

You may make attacks as a simple action instead of a complex action when using any Samurai weapon, knife or bow. You make attack as a simple action regardless of weapon when fighting shadowland creature or tainted non-human.


Hiruma Kuri – 3 year old adopted daughter (cousin’s child, fellow survivor)

Hiruma Noriko

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